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UK Culture Night

ofcourse the Scottish Kilt was present.

The Haggis ceremony!

What a fabulous night it was, at the UK Culture Night!

Written by one of our longstanding InTouch members Juni, who lives in Dordrecht with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters.

Thank you very much to Sarah and Claire  for organising it, and for everyone else who contributed. To start off we had an introduction to Robert Burns and a reading of his 'Ode To A Haggis' followed by the ceremonial thrusting of the knife into the haggis in order to "trench your gushing entrails bright". We were then keen to load our plates with the absolutely delicious assortment of food from Great Britain including the haggis (with mashed potatoes and warm whiskey sauce), cottage pie, cornish pasties, pork pies, marmite sandwiches, coronation chicken, mint pea & feta flan, chicken tikka masala and yorkshire puddings with roast beef & horseradish sauce.... among all the delights. I spotted several of us (myself included) going back for seconds, thirds and even fourths! After dinner had settled the kettle was put on the boil for some traditional PG Tips English tea and trifle, apple crumble, homemade scones with jam and clotted cream, Welsh cookies, Cadbury chocolate and English cheeses. Yum! The sugar and tea combination were put to good use in our quiz competition where it was The Red Roses versus The Black Roses. Faced with challenging questions in various categories including 'strange English laws & customs', these two teams battled it out amidst plenty of laughter with The Red Roses winning by the slightest margin! It was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. If you've not yet been to a culture night (and even if you have) I highly recommend it. Or maybe you'd like to host one yourself about your own home country?