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Bleiswijk, Het Ezelsbruggetje . Donkey petting Zoo. Kooiweg 3A 2665 LC in Bleiswijk

The donkey petting zoo in Bleiswijk https://www.anwb.nl/landvananwb/kinderboerderij-het-ezelsbruggetje was a great adventure! Donkeys and ponies walk around the grounds like the  beloved pets that they are. The playground for kids is also the playground for the goats.  The  kids village (made up of a dozen plastic play houses) is inhabited by sleepy cats and my kids had a great time discovering yet another kitty around every corner. Three colourful vintage tractors serve as climbing toys. A collection of dozens of old cars, bikes, push toys etc. for toddlers to scoot about on cover every square inch of the grounds. Snacks are abundant and affordable. And yet, the best part is in the back: an arena where kids can ride a few saddled donkeys for a euro! The farm is a bit dusty and run by senior volunteers, who are sometimes found smoking or drinking a little can of beer, but since the place is a bit rough around the edges already, they only added to the old farm ambiance.

Right next to the Donkey farm is the restaurant & snack stand het Zeeltje http://www.hetzeeltje.nl/. Parents can relax on the terrace with a drink while kids take advantage of the playground, grassy fields and miniature golf (3 euros to rent a stick and a ball).

 Parking is available, but if possible, I recommend riding a bike to get there - this corner of Bleiswijk is tucked into a corner of the Rottemeren and riding the trails up to the river and along the water is gorgeous any time of year.

 Petting Zoo


  • Kooiweg 3A
  • 2665 LC Bleiswijk

Open all year round from 10.00-17.00, Free entrance but donation for a Donkey Ride.


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