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Rotterdam is working for healthier air

Expansion environmental zone as of January 1st, 2016

In Rotterdam, the air quality in a number of places is insufficient. When it comes to air quality, soot emission is the biggest offender for health. Soot is released when burning fossil fuels like diesel.

Rotterdam wants to make the air in and around the city healthier. That's why Rotterdam is expanding the environmental zone as of January 1st, 2016. An environmental zone is an effective measure to reduce the amount of soot in the air, and so improve the air quality. The environmental zone applies to everyone: residents, businesses and visitors.


Which cars are not allowed in the environmental zone?

As of January 1, 2016, the following cars are not allowed in the environmental zone:

- Vehicles running on diesel in Euro Class Euro I, Euro II or Euro III.

- Vans and passenger cars running on diesel with a First Admission / Registration Date (DET) before January 1st, 2001.

- Vans and passenger cars running on petrol with a DET before July 1, 1992.

- Vans and cars running on LPG (Liquid Petrol Gas) with a DET before July 1, 1992.


Where is the environmental zone?

The environmental zone is roughly within the 'diamond' of Rotterdam, on the north side of the river. The environmental zone is in the center and north of the city, between the A20, the A16, the Nieuwe Maas and the SS114 (Tjalklaan, Vierhavenstraat, Westzeedijk). The Erasmus Bridge, Willems Bridge and Maastunnel also belong to the environmental zone. On the map below, the black lines show the extension of the environmental zone. Click here for a larger (and more detailed) map in a new window.

map of the environmental zone Rotterdam


Can your car enter Rotterdam?

Want to know if your car is still allowed within the environmental zone? Do the license plate check on www.gezonderelucht.nl (only available in Dutch and for Dutch licenseplates). You can see immediately whether your car is allowed in the environmental zone and what you can do if it is not.


If your car is not allowed, then what?

You’re not even allowed to park your car in the environmental zone. Until May 1st, 2016, you’ll receive a warning. After that date you’ll be fined EUR 90 for each offense.

Each year you’re allowed to buy an exemption 12 times. The exemption can be purchased in advance for EUR 24,90 per 24 hours. This service is available on www.rotterdam.nl/product:ontheffingmilieuzone

If you want a longer exemption, you will have send a request by email to gezonderelucht@rotterdam.nl . There are conditions to a long-time exemption and it will cost you EUR 178,20 per request.

Furthermore, the municipality suggests you come to Rotterdam by public transport, park your car outside the environmental zone (P&R) or come by bike!



Scrapping regulation

There is a scrapping regulation for old cars Rotterdam. With this scheme, the municipality of Rotterdam encourages people to scrap their cars by giving subsidies. This is between between EUR 1,000 and 2,500 per car. If you buy a 100% electric car or a car that runs on Bio gas, you get additional funding. Check out www.gezonderelucht.nl for conditions.


More information / Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the environmental zone in Rotterdam and the impact it has to your car or of those friends and familymembers visiting you, you're free to contact us: info@intouchexpats.nl


 Sources: Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Image Bank, www.gezonderelucht.nl 


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