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Maritime Museum Rotterdam

 When we mentioned people we go to the Maritime Museum with the kids, the overall reaction was surprise. What will a 2,5-year old and a 4-year old do there? Although we ourselves had heard good things about it, we couldn't have been more surprised either. On the top of the Museum, there is a dedicated, permanent playground/discovery floor for children, all in the nautical style of course.

The kids went wild from the moment they left the elevator: at the entrance a light show enthralls them with the moving head of the cartoon Professor 'Splash', and they chased it up-and-down for five minutes at least. That's also the point where you find the toilets. The first stall is for children, and at the back you can change a diaper too, very family friendly therefore!

 Best bits:

- Close to station Rotterdam Blaak (an 8-minute walk with a 4-year old), and easy to reach with the metro too.

- There were lots of boats on the top floor with ropes to tie, wheels to turn, levers and switches to click: a thousand things to discover on and around ships, even for the smallest ones!

- There is a coffee machine for parents and a spot to sit (You should have change with you though ;-) )

- There are some fun diagonally standing decks and kids can glide off the Titanic slide (the humor was appreciated by the adults all right)

- Once the children had enough and it's not raining (too much), you can head outside, there is even more to do:

- Outside the fire service boat is the favorite, where first you have to pump up the water, then "extinguish" the fire on yet another boat.

- Also, you can play with the working cranes, the small and big wheelbarrows; you can organize the crates into neat little heaps and can put on some helmets too.

- There is even a board game (like twister, but again, nautical), and I'm sure I even forgot some of the games you can still play...

 When we got tired and hungry of all there was to see and do, we've headed down to the entry level. There is a big table for families to let the kids get some rest with coloring. You can also snack or have a picnic there. There is also a restaurant, but we didn't try it ourselves.

 All of the children loved the Museum, after the lunch break we almost had to force them to get back to the train station... They were tired though, really used-up after this great maritime adventure. They even claimed not to be able to walk anymore, and demanded afternoon nap-time, the both of them, and that did not happen in a good long while now.

Of course, by the time they were off the train and the bike and finally at home: ta-da! They were through the worst of it, and could not get a minute rest in bed...


Adults: € 8,50 From 4 to 15 years: € 4,50 CJP: € 6,00 0-4 years: Gratis


Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00u Sundays and holidays: 11.00 - 17.00u

Address & Contact


Leuvehaven 1 3011 EA Rotterdam

Please always check website for changes on openingtimes etc.

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