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  »   3 Delicious Dutch Soups I learned to Love.

3 Delicious Dutch Soups I learned to Love.

Author: Olga Mecking | Monday January 26 2015

I’ve always loved a good bowl of soup. Polish people eat it a lot it, and there are million recipes for this or that kind of soup. Some of them had the weirdest ingredients: beetroot, sorrel, sourdough. Others were sweet! Can you imagine eating sweet soup? Yuck.

 When I came to the Netherlands, I was not so impressed with the food. I considered it bland and boring but that didn’t stop me from developing a liking for stroopwaffels and poffertjes and other Dutch sweets.

 But then I started to find food I liked. Stamppot is a good example of something that is simple, comforting and yet delicious. I pimped it up a bit, adding sweet potatoes, corn and cheese and using chorizo instead of rookworst.

 But then I discovered that the Netherlands is a country with wonderful soups as well, and the ingredients are just as surprising. Here are my three favourite Dutch soups.

  1. Erwtensoup. Of course, the good, satiating, comforting erwtensoup, also known as snert. It is made with split peas, carrots, selery root, bacon, all cooked together to softness. Spices are added during cooking (bay leaf, for example). This soup is super easy to make and fantastic for the winter months. In fact, snert is only ever eaten in the winter months and it is the only thing I miss about winter during the summer.

  2. Bell pepper soup. I love a creamy vegetable soup, but I wouldn’t even think of using bell pepper as the main ingredient. I couldn’t even stomach bell pepper at all! But in the Netherland,s it is actually quite sweet and the first time I tried bell pepper soup at a restaurant, I was surprised to find that the soup had a milder taste than tomato soup! I now make it myself (with puntpaprika), sometimes adding other vegetables and sometimes using coconut milk for a more exotic taste, but more often than not I stay true to the bell pepper taste. If you’re in the mood for it, make a broth with chicken and root vegetables and in a separate pan, simmer bell pepper and potatoes in butter. When everything is soft, take the meat and vegetables out of the broth and add the bell peppers to the liquid. Otherwise, you can saute the bell peppers with potatoes in butter or olive oil and add a broth cube. When everything is nice and soft, puree. Enjoy. 

  3. Mustard soup. The most mysterious and surprising of the three. Would you even consider eating mustard soup? I certainly didn’t! But it was once served at a restaurant as entrée and I was hooked on the taste. It is at the same time mild and spicey, with the mustard seeds still visible. It is fantastic! It has a rich creamy colour and is delicious. I am not sure how it’s made. But here’s a great recipe!

    I am very glad that I could add these fabulous, warming soups to my repertoire (with the exception of mustard soup, but that will change shortly as I have the most serious plans to make it as well) and try new things!

    Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite Dutch soup?

    This article is kindly written by Olga Mecking, a Polish mother living in The Netherlands, she is an active blogger on parenting, raising global citizens and expatlife! You can find & like her on: