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  »   Nutrition in the Netherlands

Nutrition in the Netherlands

Author: Bryony | Sunday March 1 2015

Nutrition in the Netherlands.

 Hello, My name is Bryony Sutcliffe, I’d like to welcome you to a new section on the InTouch website, all about nutrition. 

Before I start I’d like to tell you a bit about me, my background and what I’m doing living in The Netherlands.  Having grown up in the South-West of England I moved to Leeds for university.  Having studied a degree in Sport and Exercise Science I decided I wanted to be a Dietitian and graduated as a fully qualified Registered Dietitian in 2004.  I have primarily worked as a clinical Dietitian within hospitals, but have also had periods working as a Dietitian in the community.  Before anyone starts worrying that because I’m a Dietitian I’m going to tell them to stop eating so many cakes, I’ll tell you my job (specialising in oncology) involved me regularly encouraging patients to eat higher calorie foods!  I moved to the Netherlands in May 2014 with my family, due to my husband’s work and am currently full time mum.

 So what can I offer to InTouch members?  I plan to regularly provide some information on different nutritional topics throughout the year.  This may be on healthy eating advice, seasonal foods, insight into the nutritional profile of traditionally Dutch foods, or perhaps a topic suggested by a member.  I don’t claim to be an expert on Dutch food yet, but am exploring this area and am willing to do some research into foods available here whenever possible (perhaps tasting?!) if anyone wishes.

 I shall be holding an information session in March to divulge a bit more about what I shall be offering to the InTouch expats of Rotterdam group/website, so look out for more details of this in the forthcoming weeks.  See http://intouchexpats.com/   and https://www.facebook.com/intouchrotterdamexpats

 So if you have any ideas you’d like me to cover or nutrition related questions please do come along to the information session or contact me, bryony18@gmail.com

 Bryony Sutcliffe

(Disclaimer – As a Dietitian registered under the British Dietetic Association and regulated by the British Health and Care Professions Council I follow guidelines set out by these bodies.  Information given may therefore differ to recommendations made by other health professions around the world.)