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What do you need?


•Acrylic fabric paint

•Apple (cut in half)

•Piece of plastic (or plastic bag)



•Plate or bowl to mix paint on

How do you transfer fruit patterns on a T-shirt?

Place a piece of plastic in the T-shirt to prevent running of the paint to the back of the shirt. Mix the colours to how you would like them. Brush the paint on the flat surface of the apple. Try first attempt on piece of paper. To get an even result, apply paint before every print.

Use for each colour you want a new half apple. You can add leaves to your apple by getting a leaf from your garden and use as painted print.

Leave the paint to dry well.

The acrylic paint sold by Piece of Make is a special paint on waterbase (childfriendly). You can wash your painted garments up to 40 degress in the washing machine.

Piece of Make!


You could also stamp, make transfers of other fruit or vegetable: Half a lemon, half a pear, or a cut in half pepper. On a t-shirt, but also on a cotton bag or an apron.